Our new Strong Dog Program is terrific! We have top of the line dog treadmills available to get your dog or pup up and moving. Dogs are born to run and play and that is what we are offering for dogs that are boarding with us. You could pay the $40 per night for standard boarding at our facility... or you could enroll your pooch into our Strong Dog Program and help them become less fragile and, with our specialized staff's help, instead become more mentally, emotionally, and socially strong and flexible! After dogs spend 20-30 minutes on our treadmill they are much better at socializing, training, and boarding. This is a fantastic opportunity for all dogs (especially nervous/anxious/skittish ones) to burn off excess or unwanted daily energy.  Your pet's body and mind will relax and rest after a quality workout on our treadmill. We also offer a brisk walk where we can work your dog in the heel (the dog walks loosely beside the handler) for 15 minutes. This service only costs $15.00! We also offer 15 minutes of Field/Play time with our staff for just $15.00.

We have helped thousands of dogs and puppies achieve a better understanding of polite dog language and proper social skills. Take full advantage of your dog's stay with us - Call today to enroll your dog in our Strong Dog Program!

Strong Dog Program

  • Treadmill training - $33

*If your dog is human or dog aggressive/reactive or very fearful they may not be eligible for our Strong Dog program!*