Board and Train your dog using the Garrett Stevens Method (No harsh handling and No need for food treats)

  • Two weeks with Garrett - $2990
  • Three weeks with Garrett - $3990
  • Four weeks with Garrett - $4990
Each package includes two private sessions.


“I’ve only had my girl back a few short days but I am beyond happy with her improvement. She is so much calmer and happier. Not only that, she trusts me, and I trust her. Our relationship is stronger than ever and I can’t wait to continue what Garrett has taught her and us so we can continue to strengthen our bond and allow her to become a happy healthy dog. From now on I refuse to board her anywhere else or use any other trainer. We will certainly drive the 4 hours because Garrett and his family are worth it. Heck, we will even drive from the other side of the country if we have to. Thank you so much Garrett and Amalia, you saved another dog from being continually medicated and wrongfully put to sleep.”

"Wouldn’t change a thing. Garrett has an unorthodox way of learning about your dog. It has several components that are completely opposite everything we are taught growing up or by what we see friends doing with dogs. Once you see how easy and natural it is for your dog to respond just the way you’d like without a ton of effort, it’s an easy choice to make. Changing your own behavior and habits is tough. Yet that’s what we are asking of the dog, right? So I figure if I’m asking that of my dog, I should be willing, too. Our experience with Garrett, his kennel (we have so far done a private lesson and a week of training/boarding), and his family is all positive. Leaving your dog with good people doing the right thing is calming and reassuring. Maintaining the behavior changes is the toughest part…be ready to learn. It’s a delightful journey." – Cassandra H.

Fantastic! Our dog was brought to Garrett for a behavior modification board and train. He has worked absolute wonders with our dog. We can take him for walks without being pulled the entire time or barking at every single dog and person that he sees. I highly recommend!

I’ve had Baxter home for 7 days now after 2 week board and train and I can’t say enough about how it changed him for the good. He was not good with children and had even bitten. I took him over to my grandchildren 7, 12, and 15 and he was amazing. So much calmer and showed absolutely no aggression. I can’t thank Garrett and his family enough.


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