We are a local, family-owned and family-operated business in Puyallup, WA. Our 4000 square foot, climate-controlled dog kennel, boarding and dog training facility is nestled on five private acres conveniently located near several shops and homes in the South Hill area.

We have everything your dogs need for a wonderful stay with us. From standard boarding in individual or multiple dog indoor and outdoor kennel runs, to acres worth of high fenced, grassy playing fields, a Strong Dog Program for owners desiring a social, physically, and mentally fit dog or puppy, and the most proven, knowledgeable, specialized, and trusted staff you could ever hope for with a decade and a half of proven experience and phenomenal results.

We are anything but another ordinary dog kennel, training facility, or dog daycare! Our staff doesn't just claim to love and "speak dog" - we actually do! Our custom, naturally-calming, board and train options are innovative and unique among the dog training and behavioral modification industry.  Our specialized dog behavior training does NOT depend on food treats or on harsh handling!  Your relationship should be the reward for your dog not fleeting, external pleasure/food or pain/corrections.  Our spatial, relational training approach delves into literal dog language, how dogs interact, and how their senses, energy, spatial movements and manipulations affect each other and us on a daily basis. If you've tried other forms of dog training than you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Our shop is physically located in our lobby but we also have it online for you here and now.  We so appreciate any one that shops local and supports our small business as we try to serve the community as best we can. We have excellent and proven dog products (some hand-made by us!) available in our shop. We also have 253dog gear available!

Check out all the great options available for you and your dog or pup at Stevens Family Kennels and Dog Language Center.  Thank you so much. Please call for reservations!  Calls are always handled on a first come - first serve basis and we thank you in advance for your patience.